Geroge Michael Tribute Show

This really is as good as it gets

Our George Michael Tribute Show features a familiar face, so to speak, having forged a very successful singing career impersonating the pop star and in the process becoming something of a star himself. Not only does he sound like George, his resemblance is so great that when he appeared as George on Stars in Their Eyes in 1994, the programme’s make-up department had to ‘tone down’ his natural appearance before the ‘transformation’ took place, so as not to give away who he would be impersonating. 

“Believe it or not, it all began for me via Karaoke,he had been working in Northumberland in 1991 when Karaoke was just emerging on the entertainment scene. One evening unbeknown to him a friend had nominated him to go up and sing. He can still remember the tune, and although it was Simply Red’s ‘Holding Back the Years’ he enjoyed singing so much that after that evening he’d get up and sing every week. It was actually the Karaoke compere who first commented that his singing voice was like George Michael’s. 

From that moment he never looked back and the George Michael Tribute Show has become one of the most sought after and successful shows on the entertainment circuit today.

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