Elton John Tribute Show

Saturday night’s alright

Our Fantastic, Flamboyant Elton John Tribute Show is the result of over 25 years in the entertainment industry. Regarded and respected as a vocalist since 1993, he quickly became regarded as one of the best impersonators in the world today.

“I learned to play (piano) especially for the part of Sir Elton” he says when asked how long he has been playing. “…it comes with the territory, so when I was asked if I could play the part I started practicing right away.”

He has been training as an actor since he was 16 years old and feels that these skills have also been vital to taking on the role.

“I studied acting and music at my local college for two years, and then more recently have been training at MSA in Manchester…”

He was a cast member in the Legends multi tribute show in Blackpool for 10 years, and used his time there to develop hisact and now performs what is regarded by many people in the business as the very best Elton John Tribute Show

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